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We live in a charming colonial built in 1946. As luck would have it, we were visiting with John’s parents at his childhood home and noticed that the house next door was being renovated to sell. A few months later we were able to purchase the house and move right in! Although the house is completely updated, it still retains its original character and charm. The only major changes we’ve made have been to install a backsplash in the kitchen and fence in the front and backyard. Oh… and a few baby gates too!

Our neighborhood is full of kids and has an active civic association. There is a community maintained playground connected to the larger county-owned park where our neighbors have annual picnics, Halloween parades, and other social events. The elementary school and middle school are both walking distance from our house and John cannot wait to make this morning walk with the kids, just as he did with his parents.

The best part of living in our community is that we are so close to both our families. Shane’s Mom lives only 40 minutes away and John’s Dad is right next door. We also have the perfect mix of open space while only being 10 minutes from downtown Washington, D.C. with all of its museums and history. Not to mention the National Zoo, where you can find Harvey copying all the animals sounds!


If you haven’t been able to tell just yet, our families are a huge part of our daily life. When we’re not visiting Granddad next door with our three dogs, we’re driving to spend the weekend with Shane’s family. His Mom, Aunt, Brother, Sister-in-law and their three children all live a stone’s throw from each other.

Spending time with our families is second nature to both of us, as it was how we were both raised. We are so excited that this child will also grow up close to their cousins, especially our recently born niece, as well as their grandparents.

Now that Harvey has joined our family, we are all even closer. Whether it is going next door for walks and trips to the park with Granddad or spending the weekend playing and swimming with Grammy and his cousins, family is always around. The holidays are so different now. Harvey trying to eat his first birthday cake, watching him try all the Thanksgiving sides, or learning how to open presents at Christmas, just makes these moments more special and memorable! 

And to make our lives more memorable we picture it with more than one child. We want to see Harvey play, learn and grow with a sibling. We want the house filled with laughter and noise. We want them helping, and supporting each other and having someone to share their experience with and not feel alone. Having a sibling is something that Shane cherished growing up and something John always wanted as an only child. 


John loves to be outdoors, good thing too; Shane is such an amazing chef that John took up running so he wouldn’t have to deny himself any of his delicious food. When John is indoors, he is probably doing one of the following, reading for enjoyment, learning something new or putting something together for Shane. John is also a huge comic book collector and obsessed with superheroes. In fact, the baby shower we had after Harvey arrived was superhero themed! Harvey loves going for a run with daddy in his stroller, and John loves having an excuse to take a break during from the run for Harvey to check out a new playground.

If Shane isn’t reading a biography, he is learning some new bit of history. With a love of old Hollywood and classic movies, he nicely balances out John’s love of action and fiction. Shane loves to try out new recipes, much to John’s delight. He can also be found outside continuing to make the yard the envy of the neighborhood as summer is his favorite season. Now that Harvey is a bit older, Shane is looking forward to a summer of adventures and introducing Harvey to cooking!


We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to learn about us and see how much we value family. This has been a decision that we have discussed for years and have not taken lightly. Getting to become parents to Harvey, to learn and love and bond as a family, has only strengthened what has been instilled in us since we were very young. Growing our family is the next step in our lives together.

With us, a child will not just be getting parents and an older brother, but an extended family that cannot wait to welcome him/her into their lives. Your child will be loved by so many, and constantly surrounded by family and close friends. We will provide love, understanding, community, and the opportunity to earn a great education. Your child will not only make our family bigger, but our hearts as well.

Having been together since 2004, we have learned the importance of honesty and communication. Experiencing the adoption process, learning and growing as parents to our son, makes us cherish the decision and gift Harvey's birth mom made in choosing us. Just as we do with his birth mother, we'd love to provide updates and photos for you. Regardless of the level of openness that you prefer, your child will always be reminded that their mother helped make our dreams come true. We wish you love and peace of mind as you decide what is right for you and your child.


The always smiling Shane

Whenever I think of Shane, I automatically picture his smile. It’s the smile of someone happy, and someone that wants to make everyone around him happy and smiling as well. He is genuinely thoughtful, clever, and funny with everyone. You see this every day in the way he stays on top of all the important events in the lives of our families and friends. His supportive nature and belief in me has helped me exceed further in my career than I thought possible. All the while, he reminds me to relax and enjoy it all.

Shane’s kindness and patience have served him well the past 16 years as an elementary school teacher. Whether it was teaching kindergarten, first grade, or now as his school’s librarian, his favorite activity has always been reading to the kids. I have had the pleasure of seeing him read not only to his students, but now to our son, Harvey. And if Shane isn’t reading to him, it’s because he’s got Harvey cracking up laughing with his delightfully hearty belly laugh!


An Accidental Text

Hi there! We are Shane and John. We are so excited to embark on this amazing journey to become parents through adoption. Thank you for taking the time to read through our profile. We hope it gives you a sense of who we are as a couple and who we hope to be as parents.

We first met in December of 2003 but didn’t connect until May 2004 when Shane accidentally sent a text to John instead of his friend of the same name. That accidental text changed both of our lives forever. Our first summer together was incredible. At the time, we were both working in a school system and had the entire summer off. We spent every moment possible together and felt very lucky to have found each other. In August 2010, six years and three dogs later, we got married.

Luck would strike us again when we were fortunate enough to purchase the house next door to John’s parents. Family has always played a strong role in shaping us, particularly when and how to become parents. In August 2017, our wish became true and we became parents to our son, Harvey. He has filled our lives with laughs and smiles, and we're excited to adopt again! 


My superhero John

If I am smiling every day, it is because of John. Simply put, he makes me happy. If I’m irritated about something, he listens and helps me to focus on the positives. If I have a problem, he’s immediately busy working on a solution.

John genuinely cares and is always there to help, and not just for me. He is that way with all of our family, friends, and coworkers. I think that makes him a very special person. I always tell everyone that John is very disciplined. While I prefer to take a relaxing nap, John prefers to go for a 6-mile run. Physical fitness is very important to him. He exercises regularly and is an avid runner. John has loved taking our son, Harvey, out in the jogging stroller for runs on the trails.

John is constantly learning and growing. His ambition and drive have played an important role in the success of his career in government. I am so proud of everything he has accomplished in the last 15 years. In fact, his greatest accomplishment is how effortlessly he took to becoming a dad. Harvey is obsessed with him and screams in delight when he gets home. Dad was his first word and is his most used word!


With his hearty laugh, huge smile, and happy nature, our son, Harvey, lights up any room he is in. He is so full of life and personality and has touched the lives of everyone in our family. Whether he is yelling at the Amazon Alexa, dancing to music, or having us read “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” five times in a row, Harvey is constantly on the move. 

At daycare, Harvey loves to paint with his friends, but his favorite is music class on Thursday! When he gets home from daycare, he immediately goes next door to knock on granddad’s door to say “Hi,” and give him a hug. He also loves going to Grammy’s every weekend to hang out with his Great Aunt Sal and his cousin, McKenna, who is one year older than him. He loves playing patty cake with Aunt Sal, reading “The Monster at the End of This Book” with Grammy, and going for a wagon ride with his cousin.

Seeing how much fun Harvey has with his cousin and his school friends shows us just how great of a brother he will be. He loves to share his food, his toys, and his hugs, and we can’t wait to see him share his adoption journey with a sibling.